About Us

Superbus is committed to the bus travel industry for more than 10 years. Our goal is to give customers the most competitive price with best service. We have more than 24 buses, 20 technicians, strong management and service team with extensive experience in the bus charter industry. Years of continuous innovation we have diversified cooperation in the bus rental, tourism, maintenance and other fields to build our own industry advantages. From the daily maintenance, repair of the bus to driver's self-cultivation and quality of service, our company is improving and expanding continuously. We are looking forward to provide better service to more customers.

Meet Super Bus

Superbus has more than 30 New York State 19-A registered bus drivers. They have a wealth of service experience and a good driving record. We are committed to the safety of your journey.
Service Department
Superbus has its own facility and service garage. More than 20 experienced technicians and mechanic keep buses fully operational and ensure the safety of your trips. Superbus will never departure a bus without complete our standard inspection on all its buses.
Parts Room
Superbus has its unique inventory system, designed and attention to detail. With our well organized part room and inventory system, our technicians and mechanics are able to locate parts they need in blink of an eye, so they can spend more time on buses, not spent time on looking. Superbus also uses OEM parts instead of third party part to ensure you have a safe trip.

Meet Our Team

Fleet Manage Office
With our excellent fleet management team, we have ability to closely monitor the service requirements of each vehicle and schedule vehicle maintenance efficiently to minimize the chance of breakdown, so you're always on the safest bus. We optimize our buses directly from the office. Location, mileage, and driver behavior of each of our vehicles. We know the time spent behind the wheel and when, where and how our buses used. By choosing the most optimal route, time spent on the road can be hugely decreased.